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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 4, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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by his tap shoes, but then he becomes a four-legged fred astaire. >> diane: that's "inside edition" for today. i'm diane mcinerney in for deborah norville. thanks for watching. we'll see you right back here dramatic new surveillance video reveals the moments after an unthinkable vinyl. police say this video shows a man trying to run out after a discount store after he sexually assaulted a 2-year-old girl. they examine the video. we also get reaction from investigators, plus a look at the suspect's dirt bay in court. randy begins our top store coverage with an in depth look at the new thrill video and -- >> reporter: investigate investigators sex offender is
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seen rubbing out anion aisle after he was caught with his pants down and was on top of the 2-year-old girl while allegedly assaulting her. the girl's grandmother saw what happened and screamed. as he tried to make a get away, all the customers noticed all of the commotion. >> there he is in that aisle there. and he laid there. >> and he is now across the front area of the store and through this front here and exit. he just flamed. all their attention on this gentleman right out the store. >> your grandchild had to say, good grandma i like this. chewinged around the corner, 15, 20 feet away, next aisle over, grandma over, next than a minute, looks around the corner
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and sees this suspect. >> there's more surveillance video the video will use who faces sid napping. in union city, the reggie kumar crime 4 news. >> meanwhile the suspect made his first appearance in court today. thompson reports, prosecutors are bringing up his past crime in an effort to get a tougher penalty against him. >> eugene ramos entered court surrounded by his attorney and interpreter. angela -- senior says no -- because they believe ramos is very dangerous. >> and tried to rape her. >> ramos can face 21 years in prison if convicted on all counts with one strike against him and sexually assault on a
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child in hayward. >> it's double the sentence and have fun here. >> he's accused of snatching a 34-year-old girl at the dollar tree store. he removed her pants and assaulted her. he's facing three charges, hers include forcible lewd acts against a child and act of atelephoned sodomy against the child. he will be back in court on monday. they spoke with her mother today. he lives in the home with his mother up until this incident. his mother says she will find a new place for him to live. her neighbors say they will make sure that happened. >> they better not bring him back here. the neighbors are not going to
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welcome him back, when he's not coming bark, period. he can go wherever he wants. he's not coming back into this house and into this neighborhood. >> we spoke with mark, an advocate for missing children who's daughter was kid snapped and killed back in 1993. he fights for laws to protect her for child sex predators. his latest case should not have happened in the past crime. >> well, like anybody else, unfortunately although california made their feelings very clear, first with three strikes around with jessica's law, most recently with chelsea's law, we want these kind of individuals put dehind bars and kept behind bars. the state of california continues to release them. one has to ask oneself in lieu of what happened in union city,
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why was that individual on the street, why was that individual not being monitored very closely. glass has filed a lawsuit with the that to fix what he calls serious violations of sex that's law by early release of sexual predators. a former marine officer convicted of shooting an unarmed man will not be let out on bail. that ruling came today from a judge in los angeles. >> reporter: bush -- bail was denied friday. they went to request his bail. but just robert perry denied the request because he believed none of the issues raised by the defense will lead to a reversal of the conviction. >> i disagree with that, the ruling. >> reporter: michael reign says he likely will appeal the
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ruling as early as next week. >> i think this is an issue of first impression, what the judge did against impressions is he based this children on the path to convict mr. on a conduct that's never -- that's criminal. >> after denied bail the judge feels a little relief right now because it's not over with. >> the family was not happy with the bred but remains angry. >> we're still in pain for the triple thanks the judge carry, did so. how rapist this criminal justice system is. >> they contacted the department of justice to look into the case. thank on time for good behavior, they're about six
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months to serve. they say it's likely it will not be ready to file until after he was out of prison. in los angeles, call for news. >> showing rain in the north bay, but no one -- it's too dry out there. not seeing rain fall from the ground. you'll see quite a bit of it. plenty of cloud cover streaming in as well. we've seen very in the way of rain. not even a quarter of an inch of rain, less than a 10th of an inch. 1/100th of an inch. light rain tomorrow morning if any dry. if you see anything at 8:00 and noon. we head into 3:00 hour especially into the afternoon, chances of rain will increase. we'll talk about that coming up in just a minute. the experts say the economy is on the rebound.
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an unexpected report suggests a new jump in unemployment, just how many more jobs was lost, how the
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president obama made a surprise visit to afghanistan today. he thanked more than -- he met with top nato advisers. he was supposed to speak with -- he had to cut his trip short because of bad weather. wiki leaks the online whistle blower is under pressure from the government as some hack s. he believes secrets exchanges and has been dropped by u.s. domain servers and his switched to new web site. a europe wide arrest warrant is out for the founder for allegations of sex crimes in sweden. one star to be extinct
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federal wild life biologists concern say two more of these, they believe that these are the latest in the ones that photograph this summer. it's been cloudy, but really not a whole lot of rain, that's going
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[ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month. here is what economist expected to hear today. here is what the labor department reported. an anemic 39,000.
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that's short of the 172,000 new jobs in october and way short of the the number needed to put adept in the unemployment figure. it has now topped 9% for 19 months, longer than any other time in american history. last month the jobless rate adjusted 9.8%. the average job american has been out of work for nearly 34 weeks. the new figures are fifth you are ther proof that congress needs to extend the -- further proves that the congress needs to extends the bill to avoid it. california lawmakers are spending millions of dollars on new cars all at the state from the millions of dollars at its budget. the state buys cars for lawmakers so they can drive around their district and capitol. the latest vehicle which included a cadillac and $52,000
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lexus totaled more than $5 million. a live look on storm tracker, storm radar, looks like some nice sprinkles and north bay. not a lot of this is in the ground. a look at our satellite and radar picture. weave had quite a bit of cloud and moisture pushing through. that is going to meet up with the storm churning offshore. they're going to meet up and that's going to mean heavy rain for sunday. tomorrow morning what look like light sprinkles, we're going to be under the same conditions that we've seen in the past 24 hours. in the 1:00 hour, it's going to turn a little bit more. by 5:00. we're going to start to see that rain fall. same thing down in the south bay, pushing through that 8:00 hour and we'll be in sort of a little bit of low into the
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overnight hour. and then high and dry early sunday morning, but by sunday afternoon, check this out, heavy rain approaching the coastline at 3:00. winds will accompany the strong winds up to 30 miles per hour on the coast. heavy rain into the north. pretty much out by 11:00 at night. we'll see some rain or showers early monday morning. the santa cruz mountains up, sunday afternoon into sunday evening very dusty conditions especially close to the coastline. temperatures stayed about 60 through the weekend. but another chance of rain wednesday and thursday. >> now, for a look at other stories covered by our kron4 news crew. >> reporter: it was day 12 of the richmond homecoming gang rape preliminary hearing. on friday for terry miles --
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witness told him saw 20 people surrounding people including defendant "on top of her" and defendant urinating on her. she has five more witnesses to call before the people wrap up their case against these visits. superior court, martinez, kron4 news. in san francisco the first day of demolition is truly underway. you can see the crane is here. it's got a wrecking ball and lifting the ball up about 20 to 30 feet every single time. what it's doing is it's destroy, it's crumbling the main bus bridge that goes over the front of the terminal. this work will be going on for several months to make way for the terminal. in san francisc , kron4 news. >> we're mainly looking for a
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lot of rolls in this development state, people with all kind of background,. >> reporter: to apply to this job go to back to shannon. kron4 news. downtown oakland, lights up on the holidays tonight, jack london square annual tree lighting ceremony marks the beginning of christmas season. east bay waterfront was tagged. you can see the crowds there, mayor was on stage to enjoy the fun with residents. local -- the crowd. it really was a great way to spend the evening in oakland tonight. the giants resign another member of the championship squad. and the 49ers at a veteran kicker as they prepare for
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ron santoe, he earned his stripe. 342 career home run, lifetime average of 277. played most of his career after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a disease that eventually forced both his knees to be amputated. that didn't stop him from broadcasting 150 games a year. he said he was not going into baseball hall of fame. he passed away at age of 70 due
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to complications from bladder cancer. the giants say mike will give you one for one, one year, $1 million, acan quired last season midway -- acquired last season midway through the season. 282 can play a numb pore of even field position. the as have resigned ryan sweeny but only one home -- home run, 36r.b.i.s. he'll play some nice defense for you. that's in oakland athletics, coming back to the oakland as, one year deal all over the place. the 49ers will have -- one year deal. all over the place. >> joe, he's still not ready to go. we'll see this kick here. when he was working for the pittsburgh steelers that's what made him available to come to the 49ers. christopher got rid of him.
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the 49ers -- underdog sunday at lambo field against the green bay packers. bulls and celtics, rondo arching 14 assists per game. shaq is still doing it after all these years. we get a lot of commercials too these days. shaq just sat there in the middle of harvard square with people taking pictures. rondo had 19 assists tonight. celtics beat the bulls 104-92 and lebron james' return last night beat football in terms of number of viewers. it is on cable. they had 7 million viewers and the eagle game with michael vick had about 5, 5.5. it was on the nfl channel. a lot of people watch lebron james.
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here he is our friend bobby gibson, people were afraid to challenge their own teammate. but bobby gibson spoke out, pam knows he's going to learn something, earlier tonight i told you bobby gibson the man who had words with shaq, who was he married to. >> keisha coal. >> that's pretty good. >> i didn't know we were going to have a quiz. >> that's the worse thing, anybody can give you the news, when you watch kron, you learn many things. >> yes, you do. >> like maybe going into insurance. you want to go into insurance, if you can. the tiger woods shot pretty well again today. he shot 66. that's difference between me and a lot of people, i like to teach, you know what i mean. usually my veteran role. when somebody
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